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Enrich International, Inc is a Utah-based multi-level marketing (MLM) organization that produces and sells natural products to health-conscious consumers. Its product range include herbal and nutritional supplements and weight-management products, as well as personal-care products for healthy hair and skin. Enrich has about 150,000 independent distributors in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific islands.

2.  History: Enrich International began with an idea that was sparked in 1972, when Eugene Hughes, who was then consuming powdered cayenne pepper (Capsicum) for his ulcer, was frustrated because he could not find cayenne pepper capsules to avoid its strong taste. Together with his 7 family members — his wife, 5 brothers, and brother-in-law Ken E. Brailsford (who served as president until 1979) — Hughes started a small herbal company to encapsulate herbs. Thus was born a company that became known later as Nature's Sunshine Products, a public corporation with its stock traded on the NASDAQ market.

On 27 December 1985, Ken Brailsford, his wife Linda Brailsford, and David T. Lisonbee founded Nature's Labs Inc., after Brailsford's non-competing agreement with Nature's Sunshine had expired. The company's name was changed to "The Enrich Corporation" on 12 March 1987.

By November 1992, The Enrich Corporation was shipping between 5-10 million capsules a month. One popular Enrich product in the early 1990s was PerForm capsules. Although PerForm was made with several herbs such as sarsaparilla root, Brazilian ginseng, and saw palmetto, that are said to increase sexual drive, Enrich marketed it as a nutritional supplement, not a love pill.

On May 27, 1994 Enrich International, Inc. was incorporated in Utah, with Kenneth E. Brailsford as its president. The Enrich Corporation became a wholly owned subsidiary of Enrich International 4 days later on May 31.

Enrich purchased raw herbal materials from 4 continents and then processed and manufactured its products in its own Pharmatech plant. By the late 1990s, it offered 6 categories of nutritional and personal care products:

  1. Traditional herbal products, including single herbs, such as alfalfa, St. John's Wort, black walnut, and Norwegian kelp, and also various combined formulations like Enrich Packs for joint relief, female renewal, and cold and flu;
  2. The Cleanse, Burn, Build line of weight management products which included digestive enzymes and EnJuvenate supplements, designed to help the body maintain an adequate level of human growth hormone;
  3. Enrich's Targeted Nutritionals, which included CardioHealth, Glucosamine AJF, and Enrich Ginkgo Complex;
  4. Enrich's Acorn Collection of 4 products, such as LifePath Chewies, which cater for children.
  5. Enrich Home Basics comprising Australian Tea Tree Oil, Cold Plus, PMS Aid, and Cough-Eze, amongst others, all made with natural products designed to replace over-the-counter medications made with chemicals and synthetic components; and

  1. Skin and hair products comprising different kinds of shampoos, hair sprays, deodorants, conditioners, and cleansers.

In 2000, Enrich International was acquired by Royal Numico N.V., a leading developer, manufacturer, and seller of food items and nutritional supplements.  more... at Chronology